Who We Are

Our Message, Model, Roots, and History


We are a community faithfully Growing in Christ, Loving like Chirst and Serving with Christ

Our Message

The foundation of Christian living is faith in Christ. Faith is the central loyalty that gives purpose and direction to our lives. Christian faith is grounding our lives in the living God as revealed especially in Jesus the Christ.  Faith does not happen overnight, but rather is a journey. From birth to death we’re growing in faith. There are ups and downs — and sometimes long flat stretches where we seem to be stalled in our journey. But little by little, most of us deepen our relationship with God.

We serve not only Christ, but the people in our Community

Our Model

We believe that to serve Christ is also to serve others.  We serve our community through different projects, services and charities.  Christ taught us to love one another and to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  Anyone can help, as little or as much as they can.  No gift or service is too small.  Our projects are always published in our weekly newsletter, and discussed during our services.  If you would like to get involved, send us a message and we will help find the right service for you.  Contact us here


Everyone is welcome

Our Mission

Our church welcomes everyone and anyone.  The core of the United Methodist foundation is about "the connection".  We are here to provide that connection for all who wish to come and worship.  The United Methodist structure and organization began as a means of accomplishing the mission of spreading scriptural holiness. Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, recognized the need for an organized system of communication and accountability and developed what he called the "connexion," a network of classes, societies, and annual conferences.  We hope you will join us in worship and experience the connection for yourself.

After many struggles, the church was built entirely with volunteer labor and completed in 1956.

Our Roots

Community United Methodist Church is located in the center of Washington Terrace which began as a war-housing project built by the federal government to accommodate people who came from all over the country to work at government installations during World War II. On June 6, 1943, with desire and vision, about 100 people in the area met for the first Protestant worship service in Washington Terrace led by a Baptist Minister from Idaho representing the Intermountain Conference of Evangelical Churches. Read More ...